Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up

 Chet the pirate gave out candy!  Chet is a pirate every year.  He is very in touch with his inner pirate.  Arrrrgh!
KC the stylin' werewolf showing off his tail and cute little werewolf ears!  He had fake fangs to wear but Lissa accidently kicked him in the face doing an illcit cartwheel in the bedroom today so he didn't want anything pushiing on his sore face!
 Lissa the glamourous were wolf, showing off bedazzled fur and fangs. That is a white tail hanging down with her.
 The whole tribe ready to hit the streets!
Rob my street musician.  He put his phone underneath the keyboard he created as he walked around in the dark music came out of his "piano."

Now the great candy trade is taking place in our dining room.  "I'll give you a Twix for a 3 musketeers" and other offerings.  It rained and we kept stepping in puddles up to our ankles but nothing could dampen the fun. It was spooky magical and a night to remember.

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