Saturday, October 12, 2013

Creative Love

 OK, I'll give you that this is an odd picture.  There is a thread of commonality to this post though.  It is about love and creativity.  I give you exhibit A.  That is the once white fur that I have managed to successfully dye pink for Lissa's Halloween costume. The littles are crafting their own costumes this year and Miss Lissa wants to be in her words a "glamorous" were wolf. Which when she broke it down for me, translated to sparkles and pink fur to attach to the jeans and hoodie we had bought at a consignment shop.  Except we could not find pink fur at the craft store.  And fabric stores are nigh onto non-existant these days.  She tried painting on the fur but even with a fabric medium added it resulted in gloppy fur that lost the real feel of fur.  She was pretty upset.  I put on my thinking cap and came up with. . . (drum roll please!)  Kool Aid.  Yup, strawberry koolaid.  Made sans sugar, made double strength.  Makes a lovely mottled pink fur.  The wee princess is quite happy.  My hands incidently are also quite pink.
And in the pink creatvie theme, I give you Exhibit B.  This was taken by KC earlier in the week.  Pinkie the bear (that really is her name) was transformed into a ninja warrior.  She was rapelling down our staircase.
And, lastly, Love.  Fiona was out today for a visit.  KC brought this heart out last night that he made for her.  He said it was a good luck charm for her to carry in her purse so she would always remember that she is in our hearts.  It was made on that scratch art paper so I covered it in contact paper for him and she seemed very touched by it.

I love that my kids are so creative.  Even though it is messy.  Even though I sometimes feel like I am drowning in the flotsam of their art, deep down I love it.  I love that they show their affections so freely and that family is so important to them.

Today was a good day here for Fi, even though Rob was away.  We decorated a haunted gingerbread house.  We did simple house things, our usual chores but also played and cooked and just enjoyed one anothers company.  We were like the curlique's in KC's art. We all sparkle on our own, but when together we make somethng more beautiful--family.

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