Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The splinter you can't pull out

We had a really great holiday weekend together and Rob is safely home from his mission trip.  He said he stacked a ton of wood during the weekend so folks will be warm this winter due to his sweat equity.  The littles and I had a lot of fun as well, crafting, playing, cooking and biking.  Fiona had fun.  It was all good.  Till the adoption splinter poked KC last night.

He had picked up a Martha Speaks book that Lissa chose from the library.  It is a new Thanksgiving one and though it is below his grade level he was sitting at the table reading it after shower.  Guess what?  In this one, Martha searches for her lost family.  She finds her mom and her entire litter of puppy brothers and sisters and they all have Thanksgivinig dinner together.   Oh yay.  KC put the book down and said "well at least MARTHA found her family."

I reminded him that we had found Mom Y and that he could write to her again if he wanted to.  He does want to do that.I reminded him that I am always willing to help him with that if he wants it, but that if he wants it private I will respect that too. He was okay with that as well.  But he also thought it would be a great idea to invite her to Thanksgiving dinner.  The hard conversation of geography and finances (I didn't even get into the fact that we don't know one another well enough for Y to feel even remotely comfortable doing this even if she could afford it) was painful. I know that despite my best efforts, my son was hurt by the fact that this isn't going to happen.  That life's questions and issues aren't able to wrap up tidily like a chapter book. It is okay for now--until the next time life pokes the  adoption splinter.

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