Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Holidays are the best!

Today has had a lot of fun packed into it.  We had a bigger breakfast than usual as there was plenty of time for extra cooking.  Then the kids played with our neighbor B from next door while I got some tidying and chores done.  When B went home, we started working on their Halloween costumes and the werewolves are ready to traipse through our fair city!  LOL  Lissa spent an unbelievably long period of time gluing faux gems onto her pink fur.  For KC we took a pair of jeans where he had blown out the knee and glued the fur inside so it looks like his furry self is trying to bust through the jeans. There are also patches of fur glued to the jeans and he has a tail, furry ears poking through a snow boarder style hat and fur wristlets.

Lissa also wanted silver duct tape as part of her were wolf costume so there are patches of that on the hoodie and the jeans. From a safety standpoint that is probably great anyway. Then we cut the tips off of dollar store gloves and she will have glow in the dark nailpolish--doesn't every glam werewolf?

At any rate, it took two bottles of fabric fusion glue to achieve all this but they are very happy with the results and I will post pictures when they don them.  I like that they were so much a part of things. For me, it was way more fun than going to a big box store and buying something.

Then we did some leaf raking, some cookie baking and some bike riding.  The haunted house in the picture above we made during Fiona's visit this past Saturday.  Thus far, Lissa has still not eaten off the candy.  I may have jinxed myself by writing that!

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