Sunday, October 20, 2013

Harvest fun

Saturday was a day filled with fun.  Fiona arrived on Friday and we were all up early Saturday morning to begin our day. We got our shopping and banking done before the 9:00 a.m. dance class. After dance, we shot over to the library and then were home for lunch.  My wife got back home and we all went to the school where she cleans to visit their Harvest Fair. I forgot to take a single picture there, but it was a cute fair and the kids had fun.  Fiona enjoyed the fishing game, winning tickets that could be turned in for prizes.  KC and Lissa enjoyed the bounce house. Rob tried to win some prize baskets that had tickets to our favorite football team.

After we spent about an hour there, we headed  home for a bathroom break and some snacks before heading to another city for Pumpkin Fest. This is held at a large science museum and features about 1000 pumpkins that are eventually all lit once it gets dark.  During the daylight hours, there were lots of cool science activities to do, a large playground to fool around at, a nature trail to explore, and wildlife exhibits. We watched someone juggle fiery torches (totally amazing) and then the juggler balanced a tall peacock feather on one finger.  After accomplishing this she held it out for the audience to try.  The first child who tried failed.  KC stepped up and totally rocked it. I actually think he got so into it that he forgot that there were lots of people watching him; it was pretty amazing!

Rob's friend D from church met us there and hung out with us the whole evening.  D is feeling a little lost right now and loves to spend time with us.  It is fine with me.  One more kid, two more kids, it is all relative. As long as everyone  understands the ground rules, we seem to do just fine.

As it got dark the pumpkin displays began to glow.

There were amazing carvings on some of them. But I think I love the happy glow on my daughters face most of all!

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