Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Early morning just for me

I used to be a work out fiend.  When we only had one child, I would go to the gym after he went to bed.  I did all kinds of things, aerobics, free weights, you name it.  Then I gradually morphed into a 12 year study of martial arts.  2 to 3 nights at at the dojo working out and learning, and using a Soloflex in our basement on the off days for strength and conditioning.

Then our family grew. And my exercise is pretty much the time I play with the kids, walk and hike with them and run around picking up after them.  It is active, but it isn't really enough.  It isn't so much a diet/weight loss kind of not enough. It is just not a healthy amount of exercise.

So I got up today at 5:30 (which is pretty much my usual time) But this time I spent 20 minutes walking to start the day.  I will be able to walk a full 30 minutes when I add a few more streets to the jaunt.  I started with something slightly longer than what I walk when I am with the kids. I obviously have proven I walk faster on my own.  It was really pretty outside. The sunrise was amazing and the moon was still riding high in the sky as well.  The birdsong was delightful also.  Our city is never silent but it was about as close to that as we get on some of the streets I was on.

Then I came home and K left for her walk with our dog. I also need to remember to bring a piece of fruit with me to eat when I go as I was starving by the time I got home.  In all my years of exercise I was never a morning workout gal--it was always evenings. So it did not occur to me that (insert duh here!) since I had not eaten since 4:30 the evening before, I was going to be seriously hungry.  Thankfully my morning smoothie and my blessedly hot cup of tea have solved that problem as well!

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