Monday, April 15, 2013


KC's actual birthday is Wednesday.  Given the fact that my wife works from 4-8 every evening having his party on his actual birthday is kind of challenging.  But he is really a "this is THE DAY" kind of kid.  However he is also sort of intrigued with the idea of surprise parties--something we have not really done much in our family.  So we are having a surprise party for him today as we all have the day off.

I am nervous that Wednesday will come and he will feel that his day is not properly feted so I have some plans to make that day special as well.  But he has created his birthday mural all ready. We are there in all our Disney glory as he decided his theme was Disney on ice.  This is incidently, the first year that he and Lissa have done all the painting of the mural totally themselves and they are so proud.  I printed out our faces and did the fussy cutting of that for him.

We have a white tablecloth and yesterday morning KC spent the hour before church coloring stars on contact paper with permanent markers. This way the table cloth will resemble how he remembers the ice looking when we were at the ice show.  Again, he thinks he is preparing for Wednesday, but he is one who really likes to be involved in his own party.  He also likes to decorate his own cake and we haven't quite worked out how that can happen.

This afternoon my job is to get him out of the house for several hours while the party prep happens.  Stay tuned!

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