Friday, April 26, 2013


Fiona is here for a visit and today was "picture day" at church.  The photo will be used in our church directory but additional shots were taken to lure families into buying more pictures.  Which we did.  We have not had a real portrait sitting since Lissa was a baby. They are typically very hard on Chet and we decided it was not worth it. But this one, while loooooong (as one would expect with 7 people in the sitting) was very well done.  The photographer could cue Chet without touching him and for probably the first time in many years, he does not look strained or somewhat feral in the shots. It was worth any amount of money to me to see that.  Rob and Fiona are both very good photography subjects.  KC is typically but has a problem of blinking at the wrong moment. Great smiles, eyes closed. LOL  Miss Lissa hates having her picture taken and it was very hard to get a shot where she was smiling.  She is not smiling in the big picture of all 7 of us, but she is not scowling either.  Just somber looking.   Smaller groupings of us were taken as well.  My wife and I alone.  Have not had a professional picture of the two of us ever.  Then ones of just the boys and ones of just the girls.  I bought a trio frame of those as I loved the way they came out. In the "girls rule" shot, Lissa was almost smiling.

It all took about 2 hours start to finish. Of course part of that time is looking at the photos and choosing what you want. But the kids were amazing and hung in there so well.  We had reward of "dinner and a movie"  (pizza and an on demand movie) when we got home.

It will be so great to have a picture of all of us hanging soon!

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