Monday, April 1, 2013

KC's Mom writes back!

As readers may know, KC has been wanting to make contact with his birth mom.  I have been trying to help him and used a tracing agency to find her current address.  We sent one letter.  No response.  Because I am stubborn (LOL) I sent another one. Actually it is not stubborn.  I pictured someone trying to work up the courage to write back and then losing the contact info.

Today, KC called me at work and said that Mom Y had written.  She wants pictures (I had offered to send these) and she wanted him to know that she loves him very much and always remembers him.  I am glad she had the courage to write.  The joy on his face tonight was indescribable in words.  He has been worried that somehow she would die and he would never know her.

I had a lot of people tell me that 8 was too young to help him search. I had a lot of people wonder why I would even help with this.  I do it for love. I do it because my son is really our son (us and Mom Y). They share more than just genes, they share a birthday and they share the months they he grew under her heart.  As my son, KC needs to know that his needs matter to me, that I don't fob them off.  I could hear the joy in his voice when he talked to me on the phone. He said he could not believe it, that he had thought the day would never come.

I believe in miracles.  Because this was one, for sure!

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Thorn said...

Oh, Lee, this made my year! I'm so happy for KC and Mom Y and you, who made all this happiness possible! I know reunions are hard and dealing with sad situations and loss can be hard, but having love at the root always helps.