Friday, April 19, 2013

Issues and evaluations

The ongoing issues in Boston have nixed Fiona's visit for this weekend. The school, like the rest of the city is on lockdown for safety reasons.  I am trying to reshuffle the things planned for next weekend to this weekend so that we could have her come next weekend. Rob and T are supposed to go prom shopping next weekend and I am trying to bump that up to this weekend.  Never a dull moment.

I had my annual review at work today at long last. I was getting pretty nervous as I was the only person who had not had the eval yet.  Then this a.m. our company VP showed up and so did our regional.  (cue the scary music)  They stayed and then ordered pizza for the staff for lunch.  Most readers would see that as a good thing.  Except that my former boss and two former co workers were let go during our first year with our new owners and the scenario was --fire the worker, feed the remaining ones.  In a bit of dark humor, apparently the rest of the staff somehow knew I had not yet been for the evaluation review and they were all worried on my behalf.  I appreciate the team anxiety.  LOL

However this time, the pizza was just a pizza, to paraphrase Mr. Freud.  My evaluation went well, and I scored better than last year.  I am proud of that, though disappointed that the upshot of the conversation is that there seems to be no real interest in allowing me to pursue property management.  In their words, I do compliance so well and this is such a vital role that they hope I will continue to fill that role.  I will, unless I win the lottery I guess, though I am looking at other options.    I really love working with people more than a silent office filled with papers and numbers.  In my former company this was only a portion of my duties. With my new company it is my life. Still and all, I am lucky to have a job and I never forget that.

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