Saturday, April 6, 2013

Plans for summer fun

I booked our second camping trip last night.  Oh how I love this place!  We discovered it last year with our friends and it has the most AMAZING pool I have ever been to in my life. Ginormous.  Multiple water slides and this cool "pirate wreck" that is a play area as well.  For as commercial as this area looks; the campsites for the tent campers like us, are wooded, secluded and very rustic.  I was able to reserve the same site we had last year which was amazingly spacious.  The coolest feature was that the fire pit was built right into this clefted glacial boulder.  I had to reserve for more nights than I really planned on, because of the way the campground is operating this year. But I am hoping that perhaps my wife will be willing to come up for a few nights with us.

Her job at a well known fruit store chain may be ending at some point before then so she would actually be free on a Saturday!  She loves the job, but the store is being sold and it is uncertain how the new owner will handle things.  There are all ready rumors of changes and some of those changes would not work for my wife.  Luckily, she has a second job that has been eager to increase her hours.  It is closer to home and is perhaps the better fit for our family long term.

Now if the temps would just stay over 40 degrees!

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