Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kid Magnet

Rob showed me a text from his friend D tonight.  Apparently D turns 19 this weekend and he wants to celebrate it at our house!  LOL  Well I am kind of honored I guess (though also feeling sad as I know there are some tensions in his own house) but this weekend is out.  So D has invited himself  here for next weekend and is looking forward to it.  He and Rob will see the new Ironman movie together, and I told him I would make whatever kind of cake he wanted.  He likes chocolate with chocolate frosting apparently.  I make what I have been told is a very excellent chocolate cake (I am allergic to chocolate so I have never eaten it myself) so I will whip that up for him. I told D that the only caveat to his spending Saturday and Saturday night with us was the Kentucky Derby.  He had to watch the Derby with us because that is a J-E tradition going back to when I was about 9 and was going to be a jockey.  He said he would find his inner jockey.  ROLF

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