Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thinking of Mom Y

KC crept into my bed last night. I was barely awake but I remember him saying "I just can't sleep."  I cuddled him in and he was asleep in minutes.  I asked him this morning if he had watched or seen something that had frightened him. He is pretty honest about stuff like that and I thought he might have been thinking about the Marathon bombing.

He said no, it was nothing he had seen on TV or on the radio.  I asked what it was. He said he couldn't stop thinking about Mom Y and that when he was in bed alone it was making him cry. I gave him a hug and said that I knew she would have been thinking a little bit extra about him yesterday too as they both share a birthday. I reminded him that in her letter she wrote that the shared birthday is a blessing to her.  He hugged me tight and it seemed to be enough.  I hope so.  And i count it positive that when he felt that way, that he could seek out comfort with me.  I can't make those hurts go away, but I can hug him.

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