Saturday, April 20, 2013

Plans change yet again!

The school staff called last night after they had told Fiona that they visit was cancelled. She was predictably very upset and sad but she did not hurt anyone and although she left the res floor, she came back voluntarily. These are both very good things.  We talked of trying to make the visit and overnight happen for next weekend which would require some shuffling of things all ready scheduled for that date by Rob.  I was willing to do that.

Then about 20 minutes after we spoke, the driving ban was lifted and the staff and I spoke again.  They wanted to know if she could come for a day visit today. I said absolutely but we would not be able to do an overnight next weekend if we do, as i have those other commitments that also need attending to for the kids. (Fiona would not be happy hanging out with us while Rob spends hours prom wear shopping with his girl friend.) I suggested we let Fiona choose and she opted for todays visit.  I am fine with that, but hope that when next weekend comes, she will be okay with not being here.  Time is such a hard concept for her, as is the concept that there are things adults can not control. She tends to see the world as :  you promised me and you didn't deliver."

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