Monday, April 22, 2013

Plans and prom shopping

And in the whirlwind--nothing stays the same for 2 seconds--reality that is my life. . . the visit did not happen.  Saturday morning staff called and Fiona had an incident of unsafe behavior.  While she has not lost the opportunity to come, they felt she was too unstable to come Saturday.  So I have all ready emailed Jane to find out if she can possibly come this weekend. Friday afternoon and stay through Saturday. We will see.

Meanwhile Rob and his girl have accomplished the great Prom Shop. Egads, I have never been through Prom Shop before as Chet never went to a prom.  It is a Big.Deal.  Even when it is a junior prom.  K has a  bit of a hard time seeing how important this is to the two of them.  She keeps saying "it is just junior prom" when she and i speak about it. But it is one of those rites of passage that most kids crave and that Rob certainly wants.  How much does he want it?  He chose dress shoes!  This young man has refused to wear dress shoes since he was about 12. He has always had a pair of "dress sneakers".  Which were pretty stylish and I have to confess that fighting about a choice of footwear is pretty low on my list unless safety is involved.  But he has chosen dress shoes, has a nice suit and he and his lovely girl friend found a coordinating shirt and tie that will apparently match her dress perfectly.  The best part?  I did not have to go shopping.  I dropped the two of them at the mall and said, "get it done!"  They did, with time for a movie afterwards.  Life is good. :-)

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