Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Nearly 9 Surprise Party

 The surprise party was a huge success!  KC was totally blown away by it. We called him in from playing out side and unfortunately I was right behind him as he went into the decorated dining room.  His face was that classic look of surprise that you see on TV!  Here is the nearly 9 guy playing with the stretchable money from his loot bag.
 A snippet of the family mural that they painted this year.  KC is Mickey Mouse and Miss Lissa is Minnie of course!
Blowing out hte candles is  harder when there are 9 of them! KC has grown and matured so much in the past year.  Though he still loves to play with his stuffed animals, he is more reliably in his own bed at nights. He is interested in having a sleep over and going on a "guys only" camp out this summer with his godfather, and Rob and friends from church.  That he is even considering this is pretty huge.  A year ago he would have been reduced to anxious tears by the thought of it.

The training wheels are off his bike and watching him race around with his ball cap on backwards it is hard to believe that this is the guy who used to be shorter than my forearm!

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