Friday, April 5, 2013

Hanging at the courthouse

Court today for work--when I facebooked in my status location of the local courthouse I am glad I thought to put in parentheses (here for work!)  LOL  Never actually had to testify as the individual we were there about had all ready gone and gotten seriously afoul of the law last night. Crazy actions resulted in his becoming a guest of the commonwealth and  he will remain so for some considerable time to come.

As this was a work related thing, we had a number of residents who were witnesses and who had to be there.  This is something that is always hard.  Either the residents have had negative legal experiences (read this: been to court for bad choices in their own life) and are thus charry of being in a court room again. Or, they are simply intimidated by the whole thing and want no part of it. The fact that we were successfully able to bring in 6 witnesses to the very disturbing incident is amazing.  I spent the morning keeping the witnesses calm.  One was so nervous she was breaking out in hives. Conversation goes a long way to keeping the mind busy and calmer.  Another of my residents asked about my children. She has a biracial daughter herself and I commented on how lovely her daughter's hair is.  It really is too.  It is fine and sort of floats in this halo around her chubby little baby face.

My resident is white and said she "hates" her daughters hair because it is "nappy."  I said her hair was gorgeous and she just needed to know what to do with it.  The poor woman had been told to put vaseline on her child's hair.  I gave her some product tips (none of which involved vaseline!), some easy style ideas and suggested that she scope out You tube for natural hair care info.

I felt so sad for her little baby that her mom thought her hair was ugly.  I honestly think Elisabeth's hair is beautiful.  I love to style it and I love that it is healthy and curly , and as bouncy and vibrant as my spirited young daughter..

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