Friday, May 31, 2013

Birthday Plans for Rob

Rob turns 17 on Sunday.  His girlfriend  has planned a surprise party for him and we hammered out the last of those details last night.  His family party will be Monday  night and my wife will go to work a bit later than usual.

Rob has chosen a Jamaican theme for his party this year. We are going to make a mural with the Jamaican flag above all of us on the beach.  It should be fun.  He wants us to pick the party stuff so we will continue the beach theme on the party goods.  KC said we will play my reggae music during the party and Rob said we will all drink his fave beverage which is Marleys Mellow Mood teas.

In the process of the planning KC turned to me and said "I can't believe my brother is turning 17"  I agreed,  I really know what he means.  Except that they he burst into tears because it means Rob is not far from leaving for college and KC is devastated about that.I pointed out that Rob was not leaving immediately, it was more than a year off.

KC quite rightly pointed out that this time will fly by.  (Thanks KC, the mom who is stressing over financials really needed that!) I pointed out that I have told KC he can have his own Facebook page when he is 10 and since Rob has Facebook they could chat anytime, anywhere.  His little body trembled against me and he whispered "do you think we could get a webcam for the computer? I will really need to see his face."  Sniff

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