Friday, May 3, 2013


My phone rang at work yesterday afternoon and it was my wife. She had fallen while watering a plant in our kitchen.  K has had multiple ankle issues with her right ankle and it has always been prone to rolling no matter what.  Several prior breaks and tendon damage are the reason why. Apparently she had stepped off the bench she was standing on to water the plant and the ankle rolled.  She fell into our stove which caused a huge crash, and which moved slightly into the standup freezer next to it. That moved a bit and banged the kitchen fire extinguisher causing it to discharge. Let it never be said that she does things half way, right?

Rob was initially transfixed in the panic of the moment. Chet came flying downstiars and was ready to call 9-1-1 but K was all ready talking to me.  I made arrangements to get right home. By the time i got here she had managed to get up with Rob's help and was sitting in our work room icing a very swollen purple foot.  Our insurance will charge us a small fortune if we make an ER visit so she called our primary and if he ordered the x-rays at ER we are not charged as much.  However you also don't get as prompt a treatment as that is exactly what you get. x-rays.  No crutches, no nothing.  And the radiologist had gone home for the day so we don't even know the actual verdict.

K is pretty sure she has a butterfly fracture.  I am inclined to go with her hypothesis as she has certainly had enough ankle breaks to have a sense of what is wrong. Hopefully today someone will read the x-ray and she will get casted or booted so she is more safely mobile.  We don't have crutches lying around so i found a sturdy short pole that used to go in a closet and she has been using that for some added stability.

She is stressed as all her jobs require mobility and none of them pay you any sick time.  The injury also makes it unlikely she will be able to go to NYC in 5 weeks with our church youth group as there is a ton of walking involved in that.  Even if this is only a bad sprain, we know from past experience she would not be up for the intensity of walking that is involved in that trip. She was really devastated as she loves this annual trip and it is something that she and Rob do together and enjoy greatly.  Sigh.

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