Saturday, May 25, 2013

Soggy Holiday Weekend Saturday

This was an odd Saturday for our J-E Team. Our Saturday routine is morphing into summer mode, yet the weather doesn't feel like summer and isn't a even a wee bit conducive to the kind of things I like to do in the summer.  No dance for the first week since September left us all a bit lost.  It takes up a chunk of our Saturday morning but it is also a huge social time and kind of how we built the rest of the Saturday activities schedule.  So at 8 a.m. I was still putzing around the house instead of unloading the groceries.  After seeing how busy the store was at 8:15 and the coffee shop at 9:15?  Well I'll get my little butt in gear on time next week!

We then did banking and the library and got the rest of my mom's birthday gifts.  It was cold and rainy today. I cleaned and cooked mostly.  Roasted root veggies for Lissa and I to snack on.  I usually only do this in the winter but we might get snow mixed in with our rain this weekend so it felt okay to be roasting winter squash and potatos! Made a soup to clean out the fridge, made a cake to bring up to mom. Made chocolate pudding for the kids and made a strawberry rhubarb pie for me.

That is pure selfish decadence, and a nod off to my childhood.  My grandfather used to love rhubard.  My mom would make him rhubarb sauce and a strawberry rhubarb pie every spring.  I love rhubarb the way he did and am the only living member of our family who does. So like I said, it was real self indulgent but oooooh soooooo good!

Then Miss Lissa told me that she desperately wanted to go to the movies and see the new movie Epic.  I explained that KC would be scared.  She said she knew that but that I could stay home with him and drop she and Rob off at the cinema and come back to get them when it was done.  My 6 year old.  The fact that she had such a coherant plan amazed me.  I asked Rob if he would do it and he agreed, bless that boy!  She had a wonderful time and KC stayed home with me.  The only thing I felt badly over was that Chet would have liked to have gone but watching him AND watching Lissa is too much to ask of one 16 year old fellow.  Chet can see it another time.

KC opted to help me make supper. I will have to upload pictures of him at some point cooking the veggie burgers and grinning like the Cheshire cat while he does it.  He is very excited to take on new cooking tasks and did really well with his spatula duties. Then he asked if he and I could watch a movie on demand together. I said fine and he chose the Sesame Street movie "Follow that Bird."  He loved it.  It is rather odd as he will read significantly above his age level but anything visual, he really looks for something rather young and very safe feelling. I wonder if it is because visual images are more "real" to our brains or something?

At any rate, Lissa had a great time and both littles are now abed.  Rob and i are watching hockey.  Think good thoughts for me tomorrow as I have to drive us to Maine alone since my wife came home from work ill tonight. She definately will not be in any shape to make the trek so I will do the driving.  I don't love that and I am pathetically directionally impaired, so if my next blog post comes from the mid west or something, know that I'm just taking a scenic tour back home!

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