Saturday, May 25, 2013

Holiday Weekend Plans

I finally got ahold of the last campground where the kids and friends and I want to camp this summer. We are ON!  Now if summer will just arrive. The forecast even here in MA could incluse wet snow this weekend. Seriously?  I am so done with winter and this whacked out weather pattern.

So our Memorial Day weekend plans are more simple this year.  Today my wife works and we are eventually just doing our Saturday morning things sans dance. It is always odd the first few weeks that we don't have to go to the studio.

Tomorrow we will visit my mom and bring her birthday gifts and a cake to her.  Monday we are going to a museum to see a mixed media presentation. It looks intriguing and it is a museum I have never visited.

Last night I watched the new action movie "The Last Stand" while I did our piece work.  It was really kind of funny as Rob did not want to watch it with me. He finds Arnie "annoying so he watched a different movie on his own.  Kind of cracked me up.  So I watched it all by myself and loved it.  I have real B movie tastes so this is not neceessarily a ringing endorsement for those who are reading this. :-)

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