Friday, May 3, 2013

Gimme a Boot!

Yup, K has a fracture. The good news is apparently no surgical intervention is required.  This was a concern of hers as she has had multiple traumatic incidents to the same ankle.  She is in a boot for 4 wks and then will be seen again.  She can walk on it in the boot and drive on it and do her work.  She is happy and relieved.
We are not folks who are used to not working and the idea both financially and emotionally of not working is scary to us!

The diagnosis and solution leave me free to have my usual Saturday chaos. Rob's friend D wants to celebrate his birthday here so that is tomorrow. Home made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting  will be served.  I am sure it is good. It is always inhaled by all who eat it.  I am allergic and do not partake.  It is also Derby Day and I told D he must participate in our Derby tradition which is silly hats.We decorate them and take our pictures and wear them with pride and no small amount of giggles while we watch the Kentucky Derby.  After that, I told D that he and Rob are free to watch whatever they want and/or I would chauffer them to where they need to be.  They have decided to watch the new Ironman flick together.
Sunday I will get everyone to church and also will be teaching a class and running a fellowship hour.  I love kicking back and relaxing.  LOL

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