Monday, May 27, 2013

The rest of the weekend in review! :-)

It wasn't just the weather that was odd this weekend--though that certainly ranked up there!  My wife got ill at work Saturday and has been abed ever since with some viral icky thing.  Body aches and malaise, headache and tummy troubles.  Not a fun way to spend a holiday weekend for her.

The kids did a tremendous job helping me navigate my way to Maine and back yesterday.  The car rang with laughter and silly word games but they were also eagle eyed and making sure I got us where we need to go.  I used to worry about my directionial challenges and I likely will again when my last child fledges, but for now, I just reach out and they help me.

We did not see snow here, but one of our favorite places in NH had a damaging snow fall yesterday so I was not kidding when I said the weather is quite wonky.

Today we were supposed to go to a museum.  Wife is still in no shape for such a thing and since that trip was her idea, I thought it rather  unkind to load up the kids and go on my own. Also I have a migraine from yesterdays 5 hours of driving so I really wanted to keep closer to home today.

The kids hatched a plan with our next door neighbors son to get a picnic planned at a nearby park. I am always up for that kind of activity. So we stopped to pick up some subs and went there. We were there almost 4 hours we were having so much fun. There is a small playground, but also trails for walking and a variety of wildlife was seen. Turtles basking in the sun, baby ducks (also knows as turtle food I am sure!) a water snake, bull frogs and a porcupine.  Our neighbors youngest son is autistic and I think it helps that the behaviors of autism are not unfamiliar to me. They don't put me off and likewise they do not bother my kids. Though the child they play most with is the older neighbor boy, they readily welcome his  younger brother into the mix when he is willing to play.

We came home and I had promised my kids a bike ride in the neighborhood. The little neighbor boy wanted to join us so I took him too.  Then it was time to cook supper and now I am staring down shower time and bidding farewell to a delightful holiday weekend!