Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dancing Days

Day one of recital is over.  I am tired as I worked back stage today. Parents cooperatively work helping get the kids dressed and where they need to be. We provide snacks and crafts. I have done this both days of recital in years past. This year, KC has informed me that I can enjoy the show and tomorrow I plan to.  Getting him changed for 3 numbers and riding herd on countless other kids--making sure Lissa didn't lose any of the pieces of her costume--it was a full day.

It was a joyful day though.  Rob came and cheered on the younger siblings. I love that about him.  He does not love dance but he loves his family.  My mom came down from Maine to watch and loved the show.  My mom is a former dancer and had her own studio.  Her liking things is the cherry on top!

And the kids had a BLAST. That was the best of all.  They have so many friends there.  Lissa danced well, though somberly.  I am trying not to stress about the fact that she will not smile in public and remember that Rob who takes amazing pictures now, smiled rarely in public venues when he was that age.  KC danced all three numbers very well, it was hard to pick a favorite as I liked them all for different reasons.  His musicality and his love of dance shine through.  It is a surprising gift from the goddess that this child who is not genetically of my lineage shares the passion for dance that has long been in my biological family.  Truthfully I think he is more passionate about his dance than I was.

So now, it is time to have a restorative cup of tea, sort out the costumes and make the bags ready for tomorrow and try and relax a bit.

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