Saturday, May 4, 2013

The run for the Roses is today.  This has the importance of a national holiday in our house.  After all, my first career goal was to be a winning female jockey in the Kentucky Derby!  while my vocation may have changed, my passion for the Triple Crown races in general and the Derby in specific have not waned.  We all get together and watch the race, trying to pick the horse that will win, doing our versions of Vegas handicapping.

We drink "mint juleps' which are really glasses of green Hawaiian punch.  We sometimes have a cake or a pie--this year it is a "bluegrass pie" which is really blue raspberry mousse pie.  And we make silly hats.  This is the 2013 crop of headwear, in its varied and amazing glory!  We even made one for my wife who is unlikely to be home in time to join us (hence the commerative hat) and one for Rob's friend who, poor boy is not going to know what hit him!
 I adore paisley--can you tell?
 I love the mixed media art they developed!  Let the race begin!

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