Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day and More

In not your typical Mothers Day fashion, we are celebrating for my wife tomorrow.  She wound up getting out of work a bit earlier than expected today,but Rob is working and then off to Youth Group, so our original plan is still being followed with a fancy early breakfast for her tomorrow.  (her favorite Pioneer Woman style scones)

Mothers Day is not really "my" celebration day. We have a separate day for me. But I have greatly enjoyed this day with the kids.  The littles and i had our first family bike ride.  I remember having bike rides with my mom when I was growing up. It was a big deal to go riding with her and they are good memories.  It is fun to pass along that enjoyment to my kids.  The little boy that my kids play with who lives next door brought me a house he made for Sponge Bob made out of a cardboard box and bedecked with glitter paint.  He practically lives at our house, playing in the yard with our kids more days than not.  He has a brother with some special needs and I think craves the extra bits of attention he gets here.  At any rate, it was sweet and now, though I have never watched sponge bob in my life, he has a home here!  LOL

This was also Coming of Age Sunday at our church.  I love how our church both helps and honors the fact that the youth are leaving "childhood" behind and entering into a different relationship with the church, their families and the wider world.  Even though this year I don't have someone in the COA program, I still got all weepy listening to them share their belief statements.  One boy, also an adoptee said simply "I believe in second chances."  This is a profoundly  honest and deep statement from this young man who has come so far, journeying from frightened and angry to a much more centered and purposeful place..  I know him and a bit of his story.  And I believe in second chances too. I also believe in the power of having a community of truly caring and committed adults surrounding you.  We live in a world with so many choices, and not all good ones.  Our world feels uncertain, and at times unsafe. The circle of community that we create helps all of us with that.  As much as our youth need it, we adults need it too.  It is a synergy basic to human nature.

I wish for  all  of us to have caring circles to enfold  and strengthen ,communities that inspire us to lift others up when they need our strength. It is the best of who we are.

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