Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fiona and more

Fiona called tonight.  It was a good call in most respects.  She had an incident at school on May 2nd and will need 3 weeks of safe behavior from that point for an overnight. That is reasonable and appropriate.  Like many kids I read about, she has not got a real ability to see her role in a confrontation.  She felt she was "disrespected" because a staff member had an angry look on their face.  So to her way of thinking, knocking things off a table, leaving the cool down room etc were all warranted.  I get that this is her cognitive deficits and her mental health talking.  But I feel sorry for her as I do fear that her life will be a hamster wheel of these kind of situations.

On the possibly plus side, she has a good friend at the Great School and she and R would like to visit each others families. R has been something of a positive role model for Fiona.  She would go to R's house first for a couple of hours and then R would come here to spend a few hours when Fiona next visits.  I don't mind this at all. I have met R and also staff will stay present while this happens. An extra kid or two to me is not a big deal--while I would not want to have R over night, a few hours of an afternoon is not a big deal.  I am less sure that K will see things that way but we will see.  At this point, I don't even know that R's parents are on board with the whole thing.  Going to a friends house is a natural part of being a kid and though this is very delayed for Fiona (and possibly also for R) I think it is an experience they should have and I am hoping that I can help my wife to see that as well.

I also had picked up Fiona's dress from being altered at the tailoring shop so I told her that was here waiting for her next visit.  She told me she wore her Nike high heels that she got for Christmas today and seemed very happy about that.

After the call, the kids and I wrapped K's Mothers Day gifts and the gifts we got to send up to Nana (my mom) I'll mail those out tomorrow and hopefully they will arrive in time!  K's gifts are really cute and well thought out. Starbucks gift card, pretty painted garden tools, a moon prism, a scarf, a scarf storage gizmo shaped like a butterfly and a necklace.  We won't do her celebration till Monday because she has mandatory OT on Sunday but we will get up early before work the next day and surprise her!

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