Monday, May 13, 2013

Family Picture 2013

The official family photo arrived in the mail this weekend!  Lifetouch did such an amazing job.  This is the picture that will be in our church photo directory and which is now hanging on the wall in our work room.  I LOVE it.  I only take "meh" pictures.  I look pretty good if you catch a candid of me with a ball cap on, messing around with the kids.  When I try to gussy up, I always feel like I fall a bit short of the mark. That may be because my wife (the red head) is so darn pretty!  But regardless of that inner little war with self esteem, I adore this picture.  All of us together, all looking happy--except for Lissa.   She looks better in the shot below; it took her quite a while to "warm up" in the photo shoot and the group shot was the first picture taken.  Well they took about 40 (or at least it felt like it) pictures of us all together, but it wasn't till the end when the photographer snapped this one of just Lissa and Fiona together that shes was really relaxing and looking more like the wee imp that she is. I told her not to worry about looking serious in the group shot and said that long ago people were all supposed to look serious in their pictures. No laughing was allowed. That amazed her!  I also have a shot of just the boys together which came out great but I can't make the photo flash go off on my camera so it keeps making Chet's face disappear in a glare!

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