Sunday, June 9, 2013

Closing Sunday

At church this morning, my son Rob (center) received recognition with a number of his teen friends for their volunteer efforts.  Rob and others have consistantly volunteered with the classes of younger kids and I am proud of him.  I am proud of all the teens truthfully, but I am especially proud of Rob.  He is a huge help wit the younger kids here at home and i would not have been surprised if he had said he had enough "little kid stuff" in his life and wanted a break from that at church.  But the need was there and he stepped up.  He was a special mentor to a young boy who had some challenges behaviorally and made a huge impact in the overall class and that boys life.  I just wish my flash had gone off so the picture was better!

Then there is my KC who read a part of a poem honoring teachers as part of todays closing Sunday celebration.  The first 4 years of his life he would rather sit in service with me than be separated from me by being in nursery care.  Now at 9 he is increasingly finding his voice and the way he wants to share his gifts with a wider world.

We honor graduating seniors at this service as well.  As we cheered for the teens--most of whom I have known since they too were toddlers, I found myself feeling all weepy.  Weepy for knowing that their journey is moving on beyond us all now.  But most especially as I know my Rob will be standing up there next year.  I am going to have to work hard on being ready for that.  He is such a great kid, and we share a quiet closeness that is different from my other kids.  Yet there are little things that I love and will miss when he moves away to college on the next step of his life journey. LIke how at night he always makes sure to say goodnight and give me a hug. Even if he goes upstairs before me, when he hears me on the stairs, he will be out there, waiting at the side entry, with a hug and a hushed goodnight.

He has a job application to fill out tonight as well, another step forward on that important journey to independence. I am thankful that a good friend at church thought of him. She is a fine young adult herself, a great role model for what young people can do to change the world in positive ways. It is all far from a shoe in, but it is a step forward.  I am routinely told how nice Rob is.  His easy going demeanor tends to put most  folks at ease.  Today another parent told me how handsome he was and what a 'good catch' he was going to be.  Maybe, but I'm hoping the catching is a ways down the road and he gets some life experience in first!

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