Thursday, June 6, 2013

Starting my day in a smooth way!

I try to have a smoothie for  breakfast a couple mornings a week.  This week was hard as it went and got chilly in the mornings again but today was a bit warmer. Also I am really tired as the teen and I watched the Bruins game 3 last night!  However this post is about food not hockey.

I love smoothies.  My wife started me trying them a few weeks back. She found she hated them but I think they are great.  The only thing I don't like about them is the often icky color that I get.  For instance, I have a combo of banana, water, protien powder, arugula and frozen blueberries.  It is delicious but the color?  Not purple, not green, sort of a weird brownish color. It is definately something I don't look at while I drink.  I did get some pretty ones if I put in a lot of strawberries, but most other combos leave me with sickly green or muddy brown.

Today, I got Dr. Seuss green and I love it.  Thankfully it also tastes good. I increased the amount of greens and I used frozen peaches for those of you dying to drink something bright green in the mornings!  I feel energy seeping back into my bones.

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