Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunday Fun-day

Yesterday was a whirlwind of fun.  My wife had to work, so Rob's family party is tonight.  We started the day with breakfast at Friendlys, my kids favorite breakfast place.  It was another reminder of how much Rob has grown.  When we first started going to Friendlys with him he was all about the tie dye pancake with whipped cream on top.  Now, it is the lumberjack breakfast and coffee.  The wheel of our life turns and we move on making new memories. . .

Rob was actually kind of tired because he had watched the Bruins with me the night before. This fact did not mean anything to his younger brother KC who woke him at quarter to 6 in the morning singing Happy Birthday to him because he wanted to be the first person to wish him greetings on his day!  So later in the morning, Rob chilled on the couch while the littles went shopping for the last of his gifts.  It pleases me that the kids are observant and see what their sibs would really enjoy. I rarely have them ask me for a gift idea--they usually have a thought and can share the reason behind it.

This year, KC was getting Rob his own little personal stereo.  He wanted it just like his own, which he bought for himself a few months back.  Rob has borrowed it fairly frequently and KC could tell that he liked it and that it fit well within the confines of the bookshelf headboard on Rob's bed. Lissa wanted to get him new headphones to go with it so that he would not have to wait till everyone was awake to play music.  Once we were there they decided to add a couple new CD's to the gift.  I suspect that only in my house would the same shopping tour include Mumford and Sons, Drake and Phillip Phillips for musical choices.  The first two are for Rob and the last was mine, though oddly enough I enjoy all 3 artists greatly.

Back home the kids had lunch and then the fun began.  Rob's girlfriend texted him that he was late for going to her house to work on their  film project.  She told him that she was SURE she had told him 1 p.m. and here it was 1:18 and he was not there. Rob came and told me.  I was supposed to say that I was busy and couldn't leave till 1:30 but the truth is, when my kids have glitches in schedules I am ALWAYS the person who makes it work.  I call it the "Tim Gunn time" because he says that on a design show all the time.  Rob would have totally known something was up if I suddenly said I could not leave for another 10 minutes.  So we got in the car, and I just "forgot" a couple things as I had also been packing to take the littles to the beach while they had lunch.  Then I drove a bit slower than usual and got him to his girlfriends house at the appointed time for the great surprise party.  And was he ever surprised!  It was a perfect party for him.

Meanwhile the littles and I forayed forth to the State Park and met up with friends and had a great few hours fooling around in the water.  By supper time when I brought them home, just before thunderstorms were due to descend they were cooler, happy and tired.

One of my personal best moments came in the quiiet of the evening when I finally had a few minutes to read my Facebook account.  One of  Rob's cousins had posted a response to my birthday greeting  She wished him a happy birthday but told me to also enjoy the day, that is was "my day too" and that I was a great mother.  It was another sign that we have knit together a much wider circle of family than perhaps we ever envisioned when Rob became our son.  That gives him, I hope, the strongest base possible for his future.