Friday, June 28, 2013

Not going to the Art Bar

I like to support local businesses. And I love creative endeavors. So it should be a shoe in that I would support a local art bar. The idea behind it is that adults take a  painting class, there is a dessert served and the participants bring their own alcoholic beverage if they wish. The art bar has also begun to offer kids classes and I have kids who love to use this medium.  So why aren't we there?

Because in the classes you all paint the same thing.  Exactly. The. Same. Thing.  I have seen the results. It is like Stepford Art. I am not an uber talented person in the arts arena, but I firmly believe that art and the way we express ourselves through art is highly individualized.  The techniques can be the same, but the colors, the scene, those should be different. They should be from the artists perspective and from their own muse and passion.

So, I'm sorry. We are passing on the art bar experience.  But feel free to stop by to doodle at my house any time you wish!

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