Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fire Works and Fall Out!

Last night went remarkably smoothly when taking my tribe to the local fireworks festivities. This is somewhat hard for Chet as it is noisy, very populous and his idea of being sociable can be off putting to others.  (for instance peering intently at someone to read their T Shirt and then trying to have a long conversation about the meaning of the phrase)  He also has some facial mannerisms when noises start to stimulate him and I did have to stop one small trio of ruffians from picking on him.  Ask my son if you can get some crack off him and then giggle maniacally??  No thank you.  The first time something was said to him I missed the conversation and Chet came and told me, worried that we should call in the authorities.  He pointed out the kids, some distance from us and I was reasonably sure they were having fun at his expense. I found a way to explain that we did not need to call the law for stupid comments (truly, I was more tactful than that!) and had returned to playing ball with KC and Lissa when I saw the 3 demons youths approach.  "Well DO you?" I heard one of them ask as they all sniggered and mocked.  I marched over and told them to all move along and find something more productive to do with their evening than harrass my son and that if they were in my vicinity again I would be highly annoyed!  Yup, I was all mature about that!! LOL

Other than that one incident, it really was good.  The littles played ball, played with bubble pipes, and danced and danced to the music that our city's school orchestras were playing.  These pictures are of the bubble pipe fun--KC thinks he looks like Sherlock Holmes in his shot.  As it got darker he traded his fedora for the LED fiber optic mohawk.  I had to take the picture before it got dark as my camera flash is notoriously weak.  Trust me, it was cool!

The fireworks were awesome too.  We all cuddled on a blanket-the air now chilled down--and watched the amazing colors and shapes explode in the sky above us.  When it was over, we were able to exit more easily than last year and walk to where I had parked our car about 1/4 of a mile away.  We were not home till 10:15 or so though so it was a very long day for the littles, and even for Chet.

Today they slept till about 6:15 or so but that was about the extent of it. That is why now, they are cranky and fried!  Most of the day was good though.  We went out to breakfast at their favorite diner. Then we went to a park where they played on the equipment and we later took a hike.  Then it was home so I could do some house chores that I had neglected during yesterdays marathon of fun.

Just before lunch we left for a puppet show.  A small theater a couple towns over was created by an individual many years ago.  Although the founder passed away recently, his apprentices have carried on the legacy and continue to offer marionnette puppet shows for children.  It was VERY lightly attended--hopefully just because it was Fathers Day--but was wonderful.  My kids loved it, and it was just the kind of quiet, low key happening that I needed for today.  The marionettes were really beautiful and the kids all got to see them up close after the show. When we got home, our little next door neighbor came over and needed to play here and have some time with us as his younger brother needed some special care.  Now it is time for early showers and beds for those wee ones as from about 3 p.m on the behavior train has been racing rapidly down the Mountain of Civility towards the Quagmire of Crankiness!