Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA is done

I have been richly blessed in life. I have a spouse that I adore, children that I adore, and a job to provide for us.  However like many gays I have had my marriage recognized ony in a handful of states. 

Our relationship has been unrecognized at the federal level, meaning that should I predecease my wife she would not be eligible to the higher spousal social security benefits that could come to a hetero survivor.  Tax season has been a huge nightmare because I have to file so complexly.  (single head of households on 2 federal forms, married filing jointly on our state form.) In the larger sense in society, despite our state recognition of our commitment, we have been "less than."  I even pay a special tax on my health insurance at present because of the fact that at a federal level our marriage was not recognized.

Today, that difference was obliterated. I am nearly speechless with joy.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya! Down with DOMA. Here in Michigan, we still don't have even civil unions. We are married in California but we are in a little bit of limbo until Michigan goes ahead with marriage equity. At least the end of DOMA is a great step.

Lee said...

Doma's demise will hopefully help Michigan to legally recognize your CA marriage. I read though that it will take some time for those changes. Sigh. Still, progress on the forward road!