Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today the rain departed and we decided we would travel to the western part of the state to Riverfest.  It is in a lovely small town, very Norman Rockwell.  The only thing I dislike about the western part of the state is that the radio reception is pathetic.  Thank goodness for playing tunes on my phone!  Rob and I were going through music withdrawals!
One of the things we did was to walk an old trolley bridge that has been turned into an entire garden.  It is called the Bridge of Flowers and is the only one in the entire world.  It is extremely beautiful and this shot was not taken by me, but by KC or Lissa who did all the nature photography today.    

There are stunning waterfalls that lead down into glacial potholes.  Today, you could not see the glacial potholes because of the raging water which was spectacular!  We admired them, but will have to go back so the littles can see the potholes.  We watched a kid oriented magic show.  We listened to music. We wandered and explored and had a lovely lunch in a bistro fronting the main street.  From our seats we could watch a cool parade come up the street. There was a glass art studio with absolutely breath taking hand crafted things, a funky used book store we hung out in.  It was just so neat!

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