Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rob has a job!

Rob was offered an opportunity to interview for a 6 week paid internship.  The organization works with disadvantaged youth that either have left foster care or have faced other tough stuff, including brushes with the law in their life.  He will work in the office and also may do some life skills work, teaching some basic cooking stuff.

I am thrilled for him.  One thing I admire about Rob is that more often than not, he is willing to step out and try something new.  Jobs are hard to find in our area, even the local supermarkets are not hiring at the moment.  And frankly this job, will offer a chance for him to develop a wider range of skills than collecting buggies for a store would.

It also meant that he had a telephone interview which is another skill.  Rob had to practice speaking up as he is soft spoken and we were afraid that he would mumble and come off as uninterested or unenthusiastic.

However in the yin and yang of life there are always positves and negatives.  Rob does not yet have a license and the job is in the city we go to church in which is about 20 minutes from our home. Ah the joys of transportation.  My wife will take him in the morning and I am speaking with my boss today about adjusting my lunch schedule so that I could leave at 3 p.m. for the days he is there (it is also only 3 days a week) so that I can be home with the younger kids when K has to leave for work. Then at 4 the kids and i will go to get Rob. At least I hope that is how it will work!

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