Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lists make my world Run smoothly!

Rob is off with the Youth Group in NYC for a wonderful fun filled weekend.  I am not sure that I personally want to go to NY.  I flip flop back and forth on it.  I think I want to see the Statue of Liberty, Yankee Stadium and Central Park.  OK and there are museums that intrigue me.  The thing is, city noise grates on my nerves. I don't mind being around people, but the noise even at night?  I have a harder time with that and tend to sleep poorly.  Ironically my wife, who is less into socializing than I loves NYC.  She says that it is because New Yorkers don't expect you to talk to them. LOL  I wonder if that would make me lonely in a crowd?  I am a talker.  I talk when I am pumping gas and there is a perfect stranger across the pumps from me.  I talk in the grocery store lines. Life is too short not to connect, even in light and random ways.  Which oddly sometimes turn into deeper connections. (like the friendship that has evolved over the years with an elderly woman who shops at the same time we do early each Saturday morning)

I am pretty well packed for my visit to San Diego.  I have realized doing this packng that parenting a larger family has left me fairly OCD in regards to making sure I have everything.  Specifically, it has wedded me to LISTS.  I actually am slightly intimidated about this trip.  I did not realize when I won it (our company had an essay contest) that I would be the only person of my level within the company who would be going. So I will be hanging with the upper tier employees and, well, I don't want to look like I am out of my league.  Even if I am; I am of the fake it till you make it mind set.

I found that I will be attending numerous evening events (gulp) so I have two wardrobes. Day time convention wear and evening wear that is more dressed up without looking too sexy.  (another big issue within our company) I have chosen all the jewelry and accessories.  And made lists of it all.  I know, it is very silly. But if I am short on time I will not be standing in my hotel room trying to make up outfits on the fly.  Or if I have a migraine--and I tend to plan in case such an event occurs as they are a regular happening for me.  But my list keeps me grounded and feeling prepared.  Especially since the only thing remotely close to a "harbor cruise" that I have ever been on is a Whale Watch and I suspect that the clientele and atmosphere are going to be vastly different!

The littles and I have gotten through our usual Saturday morning activities and in a little while we leave to go to an outdoor birthday party for a few hours. They are excited as there will be a bounce house and a water feature.  I am excited because it is 75 and sunny for the first time in days--maybe weeks?  LOL  Then it is home to pack a quick picnic and head to our citys music and fireworks event.  This is called Starburst and is a family tradition for the kids and I each year.  I remember wheeling KC down in the stroller when he was little and being astonished that he slept through the fire works. Something he did routinely until he was about 7. Then there were years when I had Lissa on me in a sling and KC still in a stroller and eventually a double stroller.  By 2011 I was hauling the 2 littles in a wagon with our gear in a back pack.  This year they have outgrown the wagon and I am forced to find a parking space and bring the car as they will not be up for the mile walk home when the fireworks end.  My plan is to park some distance from the venue and walk from there so that I don't get caught in the crazy traffic nuttiness after the show ends.  Now off to think about what to pack for the picnic supper. . . maybe I should make a list!