Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home Again Home Again!

I returned at 7 a.m. this morning after leaving San Diego at 10:15 or so last night.  That means I have not been to bed in waay too long. I got up at 4:45 a.m. on Friday and have not really slept since. I cat napped a bit on the plane but I could not prop myself in a way that kept my neck from cricking.  So it was fitful at best and I spent most of the flight watching bad late night TV

I loved the trip though.  Seeing a new city and exploring it (mostly on foot) was incredibly fun.  San Diego is a friendly place for people who are active. I walked nearly an hour each morning after calling home. (I woke early every day so I figured why not use the time!) And there were these giant stairs near our hotel.  A lot of us, myself included, incorporated stair running into our routines as well. I had fun with all  that. I actually really love to work out and have had a hard time finding ways to carve out time for myself.  For these few days, I really only had myself to worry about and that was kind of fun.

I got to know my co-workers in a new and deeper way as I intentionally sought out times with each one of them one on one..  I liked that and think that will help me in my job at least as much as some of the good educational offerings that I was able to avail myself of.  There were parties and I found that I was comfortable saying yes to some and no to others.  I did not join the night owls in drinking in the lounge, and everyone seemed OK with that choice.

I found a balance between fun and learning, as I took in some sight seeing and a harbor cruise as well as the classes and the fitness times.  Days were full, nights were long, but it was fun.  And San Diego itself is just flat out amazing.  I adored everything about what I saw of this city. The climate, the sea breeze, the topography, the beautiful bay with the amazing boats--I. Loved.It.All.

Tonight, I am exhausted and don't know when I will actually get to bed. We have company for the weekend, the Bruins are playing and the kids want and deserve extra portions of my time.  I am going to make some coffee to stay awake better!

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