Monday, June 24, 2013


I am still slightly jet lagged, or maybe just sleep deprived.  Last night I did not get to bed till after 11 p.m. as we were watching the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I think the Bruins were playing with about as much energy as I had--what's up with that guys????

I slept till quarter of 7 this morning which is pretty late for me and my tribe. The littles did not waken till then either. Then it was up, breakfasting and off to the grocery store. We have been lucky to have a friend of my wife's staying with us for a short  visit. I have enjoyed that--despite being tired, I love meeting people and hearing their stories and sharing mine.

On the way back from shopping we made our annual welcome summer purchase.  A quartet of super soakers.  I require that they not be strong enough to put out an eye and they can not look too much like a real weapon but other than that, they can choose what strikes their fancy.  There is always much debate over the "best" style, comparisons of soakers used in prior years, what broke too quickly, what didn't hold enough water etc.  It is quite the event!  Chet does not like to use them and gets over stimulated so the other soaker was really for our little neighbor boy who plays here most days.  I checked with his mom and she was fine; I just thought it unfair to "arm" the other kids and leave him defenseless! LOL  As soon as we got home there was gleeful, wet play and much running around for over an hour.  KC developed a shield from a trash can lid and then had to decide if it was truly helpful or not as he could not return fire, although he could conceal himself.  Hmmm, to hide or to face the world?  Interesting to see the question we all face in so many different manners in our life played out so obviously.  I am pleased to say he decided it was better to put down the shield and be fleet of foot and join the melee!

Later in the day we were invited to go up the street to another friends house to play on her water slide.  It was fun to catch up with L, who is one of my dear friends and with whom we will camp later this summer. Then it was home to dry off and change up.  Rob had a piano recital this afternoon and we were not going to miss that.

Well, actually KC would have been fine with missing it but I am adament that we not.  When he whined "but why?" I said that we are family and this is what family does.  They are there for each other, cheering on and facing the good times and the bad times together. And thankfully, with that stern reminder, his attitude re-calibrated and we all sat and watched the recital with no drama.  Rob played Mumford and Sons "The Cave" accompanied by his instructor and his jazz band.  He played another selection too which escapes me at the moment--please remember said jet lag!--and this was beautiful also.  His girlfriend came up to our city to hear the recital and came back to the house afterwards.  She hung out with us and even played with the super soakers with Rob and the kids.  Then I gave everyone a cool drink and it was soon time for her to head out.

I am thinking that the kids will be glad that Monday things are truly "back to normal" with me heading out to work and their days returning to their regularly scheduled programming! :-)

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