Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work Day Fun

Those are two words that are typically mutually exclusive!  (laughing)  However today is going to be a different kind of day.  The place where I work has the dubious distinction at present of not having a budget that will allow us to have a landscaper plant flowers.  Last year I suggested that we buy the flowers and have a staff planting day.  We tried it and it was very successful. The area looked so much better for our efforts.

This year, with finances again tight, we are having the second annual staff planting!  It is gorgeous outside today.  Sunny and bright and the temperature is just right for working out there.  I will get to spend HOURS outside today and get paid for it!  Usually my outside time is only on weekends or in the evenings after supper.

Also last night, Fiona called. She was very upbeat and gave Jane an excellent re-cap of our day together on Saturday.  She and Jane also said that they have written a letter to DCF asking that I become her guardian.  I have all ready written what I need to for that.

Fiona then asked about a belly piercing.  I have had one, though I stopped wearing jewelry there about 6 years ago.  I was able to explain to her that it was not the safest  choice for her. I confess to using a mythical conversation with a doctor but it seems to have worked.  My concerns regarding it are Fi's on again off again hygeine.  That particular area can infect easily and it is extremely serious if it does.  Fiona is also diabetic which makes the risk of infection higher in and of itself.

She then asked about a tattoo. LOL  I said we could try a henna tattoo and see how that works.  Fiona has an almost constant fidget. I think it is along the line of a tic and is something she can not stop.  Her body sort of moves a bit at all times.  I am hoping the henna art would fill her need for self adornment.  They can be really elaborate and they last for quite a while also.

She also remembered that I had told her that when she moves to a new home that we would get her a cell  phone and pre-program it with our number.  Sometimes what Fiona  remembers and what she does not astounds me.  That cell phone talk was easily a few weeks ago and she recalled it perfectly.  Yet so many day to day things are truly forgotten, lost in the mists of trauma and brain injury.

Jane loved the idea and said that perhaps we would even get the phone before she graduates so that she can practice being responsible for it and making calls to us herself on it.  Cool!

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