Monday, March 15, 2010

Art Show!

Sunday was the long awaited ART SHOW!  All galleries have signs announcing their shows and ours was no exception.

The artist was very excited that the big day had arrived at last. He helped mount all the art and chose the way it would be displayed.
This is one of  KC's favorite pictures. 

So is this one.  VanGogh's starry starry night anyone? LOL

This is my favorite one. 

Guest artist Lissa made this rainbow.

And guest artist Rob created this masterpiece.

It was hard to choose which art to take pictures of. The gallery filled an entire wall of our dining room.  The kids godparents loved seeing all the creations as well.  It was extremely cool to sort through their art with them and see what they loved the most and how much their art and perspectives on their world have changed over the past few months.

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Todd said...

Cool is the word! They all did a great job. Excellent art work :-)