Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I left work early yesterday as I had a migraine.  I made it till 2:15 and I usually leave at 4 so it wasn't like I used a lot of sick time.  By rights I probably should have left hours earlier but I am stubborn to a fault when it comes to showing up at work.  That work ethic was drilled into me from my earliest days.  My family's idea of a vacation was to go paint our house, build an addition etc.  It was never about lazing about and everyone always worked multiple jobs and calling out was for wimps.  Ah the programming of our youth.  Any wonder that sometimes I despair of re-writing some of the programming at least one of my children got the first years of his life?

It wasn't all that quiet at home.  4 kids make a fair amount of noise even when they are obviously trying not to.  And the house diagonally behind us is being demolished and heavy equipment was hard at work.  The house is in essence all gone now, the scene of a tragic fire months ago where a young teen lost his life.  I am glad it is gone.  It made my stomach clench every time I walked past the charred remains and I would remember that night, the screams, the uncontrollable power of fire.  Not that I will forget, nor should I, but a less visual reminder is very healthy.  The family who owns the property is rebuilding and I hope that they too are finding a way to move forward.

This morning my head hurts but it is with what I always call the memory of the migraine.  A mere shadow of what yesterdays pain was.  It is all good.  The kids are always relieved and happy to see me up and about. Although I did come down for supper last night ,I was sort of missing in action for vast parts of the evening.

So it was a noisy busy homeschooling morning before I left for work.  I challenged KC to write his full last name without copying and he did it.  Yahoo!  His goal has been to learn this by the time he turned 6 so he can apply for his library card on his 6th birthday.  He has a long last name due to K and I marrying.  I didn't want to anger her family so we kept both last names and so his name is roughly akin to something  long like KC Smithfield Corona.  For the past couple weeks he has practiced this and today he wrote the whole thing correctly first try.  Then he decided he was on a roll so he did some work that will prepare him for counting by 2's. He can all ready count by tens.

Lissa is doing her color matching workbook and today I gave her multiple crayons (one crayon more than she needed incidently) and had her match the correct color on 4 separate work book pages on her own. She did very well and only needed minimal help to grasp the concept.

Rob worked on the principles of inclusion in algebra with diligence if not enthusiasm. (laugh) and did very well. From there he moved onto an essay assignment on the book we just read A Wrinkle in Time

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Christina said...

Not to freak you out or anything, but I think I know the house you're talking about. (Pretty sure we live in the same town..lol).

My best friend's sons were both friends of the teen that was killed.