Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sleepy Saturday?

It is cold raw and rainy so I suspect some folks slept in today!  Not at our house though.  They were all up so early that I decided we might as well go to the grocery store at 7:30 and do our shopping.  We did. Came home, unloaded, put all away, and went to 2 banks, the post office and got the Scion inspected.  Then it was 9:30 and time for dance class.  Did that, went to the library, and went to get Rob new sneaks and a pair of jeans.  Also found a shirt on clearance for $2.49 for KC, new undies for him too.  Oh and a great deal on a clearance jumper and shirt for Miss Lissa. 

The kids love the Scion. They have named it "Azul" and call it "zuuly"  All our cars have names, and I have to confess that even before kids, all my cars had names.  While we were in the library parking lot an older fellow noticed us getting out of  Zuuly and he had an identical model to ours. Said it was pretty roomy if you didn't have 23 kids. LOL  I said not to be alarmed; I had one more at home too.  Loved the look on his face.  He wasn't mean about it, I think he was just genuinely surprised as the doors kept opening and kids kept coming out of it.  Anyway always good to hear a happy owner story!

I may do the shopping early like that from now on.  We are almost always up and all it means is that I need to write the shopping list the night before, instead of in the morning.  Not a big deal and it might make the day flow better.

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