Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chet's New Blog

So Chet has launched a new blog to review movies, books and TV shows.  He has been planning this for a few weeks. First I had to explain to him that he should not have a weird title for the blog because if he calls it "goth vampires" people interested in that will find out it is a book review on STNG and to put it mildly, be annoyed. LOL  It took a long time for him to get the correlation between what people typed into a search engine being representative of an actual interest as opposed to be a random set of words typed in to just see what would pop up.  Although it was a bit frustrating trying to explain, it was insightful in understanding a bit more the way his mind works.

Then I had to talk him out of a screen name that was something like 25 letters long.  I am his scribe for this endeavor you see. Chet has in his lifetime destroyed 4, count em 4 computers.  He even killed his laptop so badly that he had somehow deleted the hidden files the manufaturers put there to restore a computer.

Then I had to explain to him that he could not begin the blog with an entry that gave all our personal information on the internet.  Trust me, it was all there.

We went through all that and I scribed his first two entries for him.  I pressed the "publish" button and he literally turned to me and asked how many hits his blog had!  LOL  So anyone who wants to see what Chet thinks of the movie Donnie Darko can head on over to Chet's new blog to get the latest and greatest in media reviews!  LOL

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