Monday, April 11, 2011

Counting up to 7

KC turns 7 on Sunday.  This blows my mind more than most of my kids milestone birthdays.  He was such a tiny infant, so fragile, that to see this self assured "big kid" emerging is mind blowing.  His birthday will be hectic and quite the event this year. 

We don't do a lot of "kid" parties because they are honestly cost prohibitive. But we are still all about celebrating.  This week the birthday mural which KC has helped design, will go up on our dining room wall.  And on Sunday we will party. 

KC loves music almost as much as art.  All kinds of music. (sadly I heard him singing Linkin Park 2 days ago)  From the Wiggles to top 40 to classics, and my beloved reggae, he is a music afficianado.  Our church often invites the musician Joe Jencks to do a Sunday service.  When KC heard Joe was going to be singing on his birthday he was convinced that Joe was coming just for him.  The fact that Joe also hails from Illinois adds extra cachet.  Joe is a folk singer who sings about issues of injustice. So KC had all ready opted to skip his children's religious ed class and stay in the service so he could hear Joe next Sunday.

Last night we found out that Robbie's Youth Choir has been invited to sing in a real concert with Joe and his band Brother Sun on that Sunday night. So after the birthday party we are returning to church for the concert.  KC now isn't sure what he is most excited about, going to a real concert or the fact that his big brother will be up there with Joe.

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