Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pre Easter Fun

Today there was no dance class, but our day was filled with busy fun none the less.  First, a funny funny story (at least to me.)  We shop on Saturdays about 7:00 a.m.  It is crazy early but it works for us as our Saturdays are packed with stuff to do together.  And I feel safe letting Rob and KC go to an aisle on their own to get things we need when the store is nearly empty.  Well today with no dance class and KC sleeping till 6:30 we didn't shop till about 7:30 a.m.  We got to the store and were getting out of our car, Next to us was an elderly woman loading her car.  I have never seen her before. Clearly she has seen us.  She smiled when she saw us and said "my you are late today!"  ROFL

Got the shopping and errands done and then went to my job. The clubhouse was having a brunch and magic show. The kids had a blast.  The younger two were truly in awe of the magician. He let a lot of the kids try to figure out the tricks.  One was a bell that he would be able to ring and they couldn't.  Till he invited Rob to try. Rob had it figured out, so he and the magician were the only ones with "magic!" 

After the show we scooted home. I had put sweet bread dough to rise before we went to the show.  It was risen and then some, so the kids helped me make it into bunny shapes. This is a honey dough so they are "honey bunnies"  LOL  After that we colored Easter eggs.  Then I did the housework and went to do the ironing and found that our roof was leaking in our spare bedroom--the bedroom my mom will sleep in in 3 weeks when she comes down for KC's recital. Oh joy!  On the plus side, it had not been leaking long so I guess I can be glad that I was going to do the ironing in there and found it quickly.

Now the troops are abed, K and I have hidden the Easter baskets and laid out the eggs filled with clues. (Every kid has their own color eggs to look for.  Lissa's clues are digital pics of things in the house)  The other kids all have written ones)  I will finish my piece work soon and hit the hay myself.  I think small folk will waken with the dawn chorus in the morning!

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