Monday, April 11, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss?

I am really bad about one thing in my life.  That thing is Western Medicine.  I just have truly awful luck with it as a general rule. Don't get me wrong, I like my family MD. But typically anything done to me in the "accepted" manner does not work. Or it makes things worse.  The time I went for poison ivy and the cream I was given caused my whole leg to swell up and suppurate.  Gee that was SO much better than the itching! LOL The time I had strep throat and the antibiotic made me have such a migraine I could not lift my head from the pillow. So they switched it. Then I needed anti nausea meds. See what I mean? 

I am (knock wood) really lucky as a general rule and rarely take much more than aspirin or Excedrin migraine in my life.  My allergies are controlled with OTC's and I only take about 14 pills per year of those.  But three weeks ago I hurt my neck.  I have scoliosis so this is pretty easy for me to do.  But usually I know when I do it.  There is pretty significant discomfort involved or this weird "twang" feeling as it pops out.  This time, nothiing.  I just woke up one day and could not move my neck.  Actually I thought I had a migraine as   my head hurt and it took a few days to realize the source.

I guess the best case scenario would have been to visit the chiropractor but I haven't had time.  And I never go unless I know I can really relax the area involved because then I know they can manipulate me safely.  So I did something I have never done before.  I took mot*in for a few days.  Then I weaned myself off it because, as my eldest would tell you "those are LIVER KILLERS Ooma!" I got pretty used to walking around with a hand sort of rubbing the left side of my neck and life went on.

Yesterday I woke up and my right knee hurt.  This is seriously weird because my left knee is the knee I wrecked in high school. It aches all the time.  I won't have anything done to it and I am used to it. Better sore and strong than pain free and going out on me when I am hiking or carting kids.  But my right knee?  I have never had an issue.  Again, I had no incident I could point too, except that we have been playing outside a fair bit.  I run around a lot with the kids at the park, maybe I did something then.  I wear high heels.  Maybe that did something.  Who knows.  I wore flats and ignored it.

Now, if I have bored you all to tears, here is the amazing denouement:

I woke up today and nothing hurt. The knee was fine and my neck feels better than it has in like 3 weeks.  My personal hypothesis is that I somehow knocked my own self back into alignment and that is why I had the pain on the opposite side of my body for a day!  Go figure.

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