Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dreaming of those lazy hazy days of summer

OK this morning I have gotten the shopping done, banked at 2 banks, took care of the kids donation to the animal shelter, shopped for the food pantry, taken sleeping bag gear to the laundromat and retrieved same, done dance class and the library.  Fed the troops lunch and shooed them outdoors.  I find myself dreaming of quieter days.  I was thinking about summer which is somewhat lazier for me.  There is no dance class so our mornings start a little later.  There is not church on Sundays as regularly till fall. There is no youth group or youth choir.

To be sure there are other things, but I really look forward to them.  Gardening. Beaching. Camping. The kids and I have all ready booked our first campout in NH with friends.  It will be sooo much fun.  KC has been planning to hold a luau for his friends and we have scheduled that for the last Saturday in July.  It isn't anything elaborate.  Essentially a cookout with Hawaiin decorations and a slip and slide, a tie dye craft, and a limbo game.  We are hosting K's family's annual BBQ this year in August. That is more work but I love to entertain so that is fun.  There are so many simple things that I love in the summer.  Berry picking. Canning.  Fresh salsa. Veggies straight from the garden or the farmers market.Hiking.  Painting Lissa and my toenails. OK so maybe none of that qualifies as lazy hazy but it sure sounds like fun!

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