Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Phone Call

Fiona called tonight and she sounded great!  Happy, vivacious, no slow halting words.  No slurring.  Yes, a bit more animated than might be deemed "normal."  But truly the need to medicate children so that they are at an "acceptable" level for showing happiness and/or enthusiasm has always bothered me.  Right now Fiona has a lot to be happy about.  The arts and entertainment night is in 2 days. She knows that we are all going to be there to watch her sing, and have supper with her, as is her cousin and her cousin's daughter. (2nd cousin?? I don't understand extended relationships like that all that well!)  What kid wouldn't be pretty excited with that happening?

Jane asked me if I had ever heard Fiona sound this way and the answer was not in years.  Years.  I think that the need to try and find a med combo that kept her safe from self harm had led for a long time to regimens that basically nearly flattened all her emotions. Sure she didn't get as angry. She didn't get much of anything.  She was happy to see us, yes. But part of what Fi has to learn is that it is okay to feel things and to learn how to cope with those feelings in safe and appropriate ways.  Not to feel nothing as an alternative.  I am so looking forward to Thursday night. I have taken part of a personal day to make sure we can get to the Great City with no rushing and stress.

In other random news---my boss today came out after his review by our new company. He looked at me with a stunned expression on his face.  "can you believe that they want me to work every minute of the day?" he whined to me.  I swear I thought it was one of my kids talking to me.  It would have been funny if it wasn't kind of pathetic.

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