Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Madness!

Our Saturdays are always busy, but when one is crazy enough to add shopping for Easter clothes into the mix, well a special brand of insanity is created!  We did our usual Saturday errands and dance class. We visited the library and then after that I said we should do the Easter duds deal.  The kids said they were too hungry and we should go home for lunch.  It was only quarter to 11.  I stopped at the local bread outlet and got all manner of non-nutritious snacks.  LOL  2 packs of donettes and a partial bag of cheetos later, we were shopping. 

Rob was up first.  He is in an odd growth place in that there is a full size difference between his torso and his lower body.  This makes wearing a suit, which is what he wanted to do,very challenging.  We settled on him wearing the pants that went with his outgrown suit as the pants still fit and getting the same suit one size larger so that the jacket fit him comfortably.  Then there was the choosing of the shirt.  Rob does love to take his time with his fashion but finally settled on a deep blue shirt with a red print tie.  Very dapper.

Next up was KC. He was speedier and fell in love with a set that consisted of pants, deep blue shirt, vest and a yellow and blue striped tie.  He decided he needed to be even nattier and added a stylish hat to the ensemble.

Meanwhile Lissa was tearing the boys department apart waiting patiently for her turn.  We found a really cute sleeveless pink dress with the requisite ribbons, bows and acoutrements that 4 year old girls simply MUST have. LOL   I found a coordinating headband, white sox with lace trim and a white cardigan in case it is cold. 

Chet has a nice shirt and pair of pants from last year that he can wear, so I am not getting him anything new this year.  As we walked past the womens dept I grabbed a dress.  Rob said no way.  I put it back. Who am i to argue with a fashionisto?  I chose instead a madras plaid skirt that he gave the thumbs up and 2 shirts a pink one and a white one.  I tried the stuff on when we got home and he said I have to wear the white one.  They actually both go with the colors in the skirt but I have no strong preference either way.

We check out and I am thinking longingly of going home and making lunch when Lissa makes that fateful statement:

"Ooma my shoes hurt my feet."  Oh now WHAT have I done to make the fates have my child's feet grow AGAIN????  I don't mind buying shoes as a general rule.  In fact if I ever do a geneology of my family tree I suspect I will find myself related to the famous Imelda Marcos because i do have a deep love of shoes.  But I have easy feet. They are medium width and medium size and all of the cheap shoes in America are made for feet like mine.

Lissa on the other hand has a very high arch and very narrow feet.  I have no luck getting her shoes at Sears where we were shopping so we went down the mall to the store where I was successful the last time around.  What I really need for Lissa is that sales clerk who measures, then says x, y and z run narrow and are good choices.  Let me get them for you. But nowadays we are a self service society in so many ways and this is NOT what you get.  You are lucky to get the feet measured and get waved to a general area of the store. 

So this part of the shopping took forever.  And of course KC then revealed that his shoes were tight as well and Rob mentioned that his sneaks were fraying on the top.  So I told the clerk it was a potential sale of 3 pair of sneakers and one pair of dress shoes for Elisabeth if she would stay there and fit my daughter.  Do the math, that is a  pretty good amount of money that i would have to drop.  Without blinking the clerk told me that she couldn't stay with me because she had to cover the whole store.  I said I was willing to wait. She said it wasn't going to happen.  We did manage to walk out with sneakers for all 3 kids but I could not find dress shoes that would stay on Lissa's feet when she walked.  If the length was right, they were too wide and none of them had straps that would help them to stay on her feet.  Sigh.  So I still need to try and solve that sometime in the very near future. Or stuff her feet into her old black patent leathers for that one day.  Sigh again.

Once home I made KC's cake for tomorrow and then a strawberry pie for dessert tonight.  I think I am looking forward to bed . . . 5 hours and counting!  LOL

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